The Breakdown Part 1: Make Each Day the Best

How many of us have felt at the end of the day that we really didn’t accomplish anything, or that it was just another day in the life, void of anything noteworthy or exciting?

Making each day the best is part of my mantra because it allows me and hopefully you too, to find something spectacular to alter your day in a way to make it one of the best yet.

What Makes a Day the Best

Some of my best days have been a wide variety and range from the jaw-dropping engagement and wedding days to the relaxing days of laying in bed reading a beautiful book.

What makes your day the best has a lot to do with your perspective and letting yourself slow down enough to say, “Wow, today is the best because of this…”

Life is so busy, things are so fast paced and the days begin to blur when we don’t slow down to realize how good our lives are.

Changing your perspective allows for the best days to start working their way out of the woodwork and giving you motivation and inspiration to move forward.

My Best Days

Like I mentioned from before, my best days have a wide range of intensity.

One of my best days was when I was in Eastern Washington, wakeboarding and wakesurfing under the hot July sun with my family.

Another was I was sitting at a game night surrounded by friends and family and a new boy came and talked to me, who in less than a year later would become my husband and best friend.

Sitting on an airplane, another great day, as I flew down to South America to help serve the wonderful people of Chile. A long flight, but one of the best days.

Christmas of 2016 when it was just me and my husband and our little 4 foot Christmas tree, taking polaroid pictures and sipping peppermint hot chocolate as it snowed. He made me a video of all those people I had met in Chile wishing me a merry Christmas. One of the BEST days.

When I literally did nothing all day one day but snuggle up with my husband and watch romantic comedies and eat ice cream.

Find What Makes Your Day the Best

Your days could be filled with anxiety, trouble, or confusion, but there is always a ray of sunshine trying to poke it’s way into your life to alleviate the pain.

Find what makes your day the best and write it down. As time goes on, you will begin to see that there is something good happening each day.

As part of my mantra, make each day the best. How does that happen when you drop important product on the ground, get a rash, and come home to a dirty house like I did yesterday?

I centered myself, took a deep breath, and remembered that things could be worse and everything in my life was fixable.

Don’t ever give up! Remember how important and special your life is, and the AMAZING things that you can do, the people you can help, and the potential you can reach. It is infinite and amazing.

If there isn’t anything, go find something to do that will make it better! Go somewhere new, taste an exotic food, go through an old box, take a nap, listen to a favorite song. It is in your power to make your days the best ever.



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