Breakdown Part 2: Enjoy Every Opportunity

Opportunity. The word that this wonderful country of the United States of America is known for. The opportunity to make something of yourself no matter what stands in your way.

A simple google search will bring you the faces of many household names that are the epitome of what enjoying every opportunity means.

One of which is the icon Oprah Winfrey, facing all sorts of opposition in her youth, she became the star she is today by enjoying each and every opportunity that came into her life.

Opposition and Opportunity

It is no surprise to me that opposition and opportunity have the same prefix. Opposition is what tries to get in the way of you achieving what you desire whereas opportunity is you opposing your opposition and growing instead.

You get me?

Opportunity is the ladder that leads you out of  the pit of opposition. You can’t have one without the other because then you would just have a pit or just have a ladder leading to nowhere.

3 Ways to Enjoy Opportunities

  1. Seek Out Opportunity

The best way to get somewhere is to have the self-motivation to seek out an opportunity.

If you have been working in the same entry level position for many years and want to move ahead in life, go and talk to your supervisor and see what they are looking for in a higher position and what needs to be done.

Most supervisors appreciate self-motivation and will now look at you instead of another because you spoke out.

Seek out opportunity and do what it takes to get noticed. Be diligent and self-motivated. You can do it!

  1. Accept Opportunities that come your way

No matter the size of the opportunity, accept it and seize it. Just because it is something that doesn’t seem to be what you are looking for, it is better to be moving forward then idling and waiting for the the perfect situation to come by.

I have a lot of experience with this. When my husband and I were first married, we considered ourselves qualified for many jobs that we weren’t getting. It was a frustrating process.

We went several months being unemployed because these somewhat more competitive job opportunities were not swaying in our favor.

We had some friends over for dinner one night and they offered me job working at a local food restaurant chain. It was not what I wanted or was looking for, but it was an opportunity and that was enough so I took the job and started work the next week.

With that job I have been able to meet many people and benefit from the skills that I am learning there that I would not have gained otherwise

This job also inspired to me start this blog which has blessed my life greatly.

  1. Try

Lastly, when an opportunity comes, really enjoy it, or in other words, take advantage of it.

If you are going on a trip to South Africa, go learn about South Africa before you go, learn about the culture, the people, the history, famous landmarks etc. Go and enjoy that opportunity!

Don’t be a floater in life, waiting for things to happen or for other people to take the initiative or push the agenda. You are your own person. You make it possible to enjoy every opportunity and watch yourself grow.

Wrap Up

Enjoying every opportunity is the chance for you to overcome opposition and make something of yourself, explore your passions and don’t let anything drag you down. Enjoy every opportunity and remember how you got there.

It was because you consciously, sought out opportunity, accepted it, and took advantage of it. It is all in your hands.



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