Breakdown Part 3: Live Every Day as a Step to Becoming the Best Version of You

You are so unique, you know that? There is no one else out there who is exactly like you. Now there may be some people who have similar interests, families, or favorite restaurants. But you are an individual.

Being an individual is hard, it is hard to know where life is going to take you, where you should turn for advice, for strength, for understanding.

But you are you. And that should be inspiring.

This section of my mantra is very special to me. I have mentioned before the importance of not being a floater in life. Hard work is essential. It is part of how we as people begin to build our self-worth and confidence.

Sadly, in this day and age, hard work seems to be something that is avoided much like the plague in years past.

No matter how old or young we are, whether it is 19 or 91, we truly have not reached our full potential, the best version of us is still to come.

Where is the best version of me?

I don’t know! But I do know where the best version of you isn’t. It isn’t in the definitions you find of “best” people on social media or the news.

It also isn’t in trying to be like your best friend who seems to have it all put together in everything she does.

The best version of you is based in you pursuing your passions, recording your thoughts, and staying true to your personal mantra or set of morals and values.

Pursuing Your Passions

Or in other words, developing your talents.

My husband has one of the most amazing gifts of playing the piano. When his fingers tickle those ivory keys, time really does stop for a moment and all that is felt is ethereal peace.

That my friends is a talent that he has, a passion he possesses that makes him who he is. As he practices I can see his self-worth growing, his love and appreciation for himself increases which in turn helps everyone around him.

Other passions are not as tangible as piano perfection. For instance mothers who pursue the passion of raising their children. It isn’t a tangible passion but it is a noble and precious adventure.

Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and cousins who take their family responsibilities seriously are truly living every day as steps to becoming the best version of themselves.

Everyone has a passion. Find yours and pursue it.

Record Your Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how! Whether on Instagram, in your Bullet Journal, Facebook, Twitter, etc, record how you are doing in your life,

Progress can’t be seen unless it is recorded. If you have found your passion in your life. Write it down! Then you can really start to to see the best version coming out.

Someone once told me that a dream is merely a goal that was never written down. This is extremely accurate. Record your dreams and watch how that begins to unfold them into realities.

Stay True to Your Standards

If you don’t have any morals or standards, find some.

It is so tempting to ignore the standards and morals you have created for yourself when things are going good. Don’t fall into that trap! Be diligent! You will be grateful when you look back on your life.

Using each day as a step to becoming the best that you can be is a process. That is why you use each day as a step. The idea isn’t that you leap one day and become the best you can be. It is all a process so be patient and celebrate your successes.


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