The Breakdown Part 4: Be Happy

It is the most simply written part of my mantra, but it is often the hardest to fulfill. Those who have experience mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and OCD disorder, among others, know how hard it can be to simply be happy.

But I do know that it is the most important part of my mantra because if I achieve each part of my mantra, I will not have really gotten better if I am not happy in my life.

Happiness is so key to lives that we live. The opposite of happiness or positivity can be the root for why we are not being successful.

One of the former leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints named Gordon B. Hinckley wrote a book called Way to Be where he outlines 9 “Be’s” that make you a happier and better person.

One of his “Be’s” is Be Positive. He says “In our homes there is far too much criticism. Criticism is the forerunner of divorce, the cultivator of rebellion, and sometimes a catalyst that leads to failure.”

Happiness and positivity cannot coexist with criticism and negativity. And why would you want them anyway?

What is really in the way of your happiness?

On the wall in my old run down high school was a quote painted in white that said “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.”

Most of our challenges in life have more to do with our attitude towards adversity and difficulty rather than the adversity or difficulty itself.

With this in mind, there are things you and I can do to occupy our minds and learn to face our challenges head on with positivity and joy.

Attitude is everything! Instead of looking at your long work day ahead and feeling dread in starting off, change your attitude and say, “I am grateful for the job I have. This is going to be the best day ever.”

Be Content and Laugh a Little

Sorry guys, you are going to hear a lot about my husband in this blog. He is the best. He is the happiest man I know. I have drawn most of my inspiration for how to be happy from his example.

He is the most content person I know. Life could be hurling 90 mile an hour fastballs right at his face when he isn’t even holding a bat and he will still swing and have a good laugh afterwards.

He amazes me.

Happiness Scale

Based on a worldwide study it has shown that happiness is 50% genetic, 7% situational (your job your house etc.), and 43% is simply what actions you take to make yourself happy.

We can control 43% of what makes us happy! Can you believe that? An amazing find for those out there moving forward.

Choose activities that truly leave you gratified and satisfied afterward, like a challenging yoga class, a good run, or a difficult piano piece. Exercising your mind will allow you to experience true contentment.

Find what makes you happy and do it everyday, your life will improve exponentially and regrets will fade out.

And remember, happiness is not a destination but rather a way to learn to travel through life. Expect happiness to be your companion and not your end goal and life will improve exponentially.


Let me know what some of your strategies for being happy are! Follow us @livepositivelyseattle for more updates on our blog, as well as inspirational quotes to help liven up your day!


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