Sleep: The Other Necessity

My mom loved to take naps when I was growing up. I never understood why that was until I got a house of my own and then I got it.

She was beat tired.

All of us need to take a step back and make sure we are taking care of ourselves before we try to help others. Otherwise we are just the blind leading the blind.

Here are 5 easy steps to a nightly routine that will get you back on track to getting your life together so that you are eating well, drinking enough, and getting enough sleep.

One: Pick a Bedtime and stick to it!

Now I know you are all adults but let’s be honest. How many nights a week are we hooked to the next episode of The Crown instead of closing our little eyes and getting a good night’s rest?

The human body needs consistent rest and relaxation to truly recharge.

When we are without sleep we are not acting to our full potential. Get dreamin girls and sleep tight!

Two: Have a nightly routine

I had a very close friend who had her mind running all day everyday and when she went to lie down and sleep, her mind was still running.

She started a nightly routine where she wrote down everything that was going through her mind on little pieces of paper and then tore up the ones she didn’t need.

Finally she was able to get the rest she needed.

Each of us needs a routine to get wind down so that sleep comes without being warded off by all sorts of distractions.

My personal favorite routine is herbal tea and a good book 20-30 minutes before I got to sleep.

Sweet Dreams tea by Bigelow Tea has a good mixture of herbs to help calm your mind so that you are truly prepared for that anticipated good night’s rest.

Three: Avoid Electronics

Even if you feel like a quick scroll through Instagram will make you tired enough to sleep… DON’T DO IT.

Light activates certain cells in your brain that have to do with your circadian rhythm, or basically your body’s clock for being awake and asleep.

If you are triggered by light to be awake, you will stay awake. If you are slowly doing less and less with bright light before bed, your body will begin to enter into drowsiness so you can better fall asleep.

Electronics also push you to continue to use your brain to analyze images and messages as well as stimulate other nerves that keep you wired.

It will all be there in the morning when you wake up, just let it be for the night.

Four: Stop Eating 2 hours before Bed

This is my Achilles heel. I love a good late night ice cream sundae, but I never like the way it makes me feel in the morning.

When your body is put into a state of rest right after you have eaten, the digestive process slows and leaves you drowsy and queasy in the morning.

Make sure to drink a few cups of water before bedtime but not too much either because you will be left with the case of late night trips to the lady’s room instead of your beauty rest.

Five: Meditation or Prayer

I haven’t talked much about meditation or prayer, but regardless if you are religious or not, taking a  break to reflect on your day is beneficial for your self care and especially your nightly routine.

It has been proven that people who meditate often live longer than those who don’t.

Prayer for those on more of a religious base allows you time to thank God for your day while you reflect on it, and also ask for the help you need in the days to come. Letting your day end in this way will make life more meaningful and full.


Share with me! Let me know how your nightly routine has helped you make each day the best, enjoy every opportunity, live your days as steps to becoming the best version of you and being happy @livepositivelyseattle on Instagram!


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