An Introduction to Positive Psychology

Being happy is one of the big parts of my mantra because happiness is something that everyone looks for. I recently watched a documentary called Happy that went into detail about the psychology behind being happy. (you can find this documentary on Netflix).

I highly recommend this documentary! It gives perspective, understanding and also provides steps to what you can do to live a positive and happy life.

I am currently reading Authentic Happiness by Martin E.P. Seligman who has been researching the field of positive psychology for many years.

He explains 3 pillars of Positive Psychology that I would like to relate to our mantra.

Positive Emotion

As related to the importance of our mantra, your emotion determines what your life is going to lead to. Hard times come. Difficulty is inevitable but the emotion that you have towards a task determines where you are headed.

Remember, attitude not aptitude determines altitude!

Study of Positive Traits

Seligman has a great perspective on this topic that I hadn’t thought of before. He says that you need to identify you best traits and continue improving them.

I fall into the trap of constantly working on my weaknesses that I forget to magnify my strengths.

This is brilliant. Find your strengths and virtues and then go better them so you can be happier.

This will help immensely with enjoying every opportunity. If you know your strengths you will have infinite more opportunities to grow.

Study of Positive Institutions

This is explained as things like “democracy, strong families and free inquiry…” (Seligman xi). Why is this so important for our mantra?

Our mantra is striving to help to improve the focus of our lives to living on a higher plane. A plane in which positive thinking and happiness rule our lives instead of negativity and depression have control.

Studying positive institutions, or even participating in them will increase the happiness one feels and the understanding that one has on what they can do to continually feel that happiness.



These three pillars are a great start for this book and I am excited to give you guys the full skinny once I am done!

Check out some highlight quotes from this book on my Instagram and twitter accounts @livepositivelyseattle


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