Goals Get you Going

We live in such a fast paced world that often we find ourselves floating aimlessly in the midst of those who are running faster and jumping higher than we are.

Those who feel like they are in that aimless state and want to get out of it, there are things you can do.

Nothing feels better than accomplishing something and looking back at the former you as a mere shadow of what you are now.

But that does mean that right now you are just a shadow of what you could be. But where do you start to make your life change to become the best you can be?

Here are 5 steps to get you where you want to go through setting goals.

One: Make a Mantra

Your mantra is what you want your life to be. It is the overarching statement that defines you, your life and what you want to become.

Two: Create Categories

Categories are important. If you simply list 10 things you want to accomplish, you will notice parts of your life go unnoticed and you still feel like you haven’t been able to reach your potential.

Some category ideas are Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Economical, Personal, etc. Remember just pick a couple to start with! Don’t drown yourself before you start to swim!

Three: Pick 2 Goals for each category

Now that you have your categories, pick 2 goals you want to accomplish. Keep it simple. Warm yourself up to what you want to do.

Four: Establish a time limit

This is SUPER important, if you don’t establish a time limit, there is no way to know if you are progressing and you can become tired of your goal and either give up or plateau which both lead you straight back to where you were aimlessly wandering before.

Five: Evaluate

Pick a time each week to evaluate your goals, to see where you are. Maybe you can adjust your time limit, adjust a goal or put one on hold if you are feeling overwhelmed.
Remember success feeds off success. If you are feeling successful you will have the drive to move forward and make more goals and accomplish more things.

Share some success stories with me when you accomplished your goals! @livepositivelyseattle or my email or seattleharrison@gmail.com


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