4 Ways the Bullet Journal Helps you Accomplish Goals

Now, I know you all have seen the Bullet Journal floating around the Pintersphere and Blogosphere. And I am here to tell you, yes, it is amazing.


Seriously, it is transforming the way that I look at my goals and all the other ways I am stepping to success and increasing my happiness as I achieve my goals.

As I mentioned before, the idea behind this blog is to help us be happier and doing what we love. If you want to get things in order to do this, the bullet journal gets you there.

Here are four ways the Bullet Journal helps you get your goals in order:

  1. Organization
  2. Journaling
  3. Goal Tracking
  4. Collections


First off,

Organization. Need I say more? The bullet journal is filled with organizing opportunities, giving you the ability to have everything in one place.


I used to have a book for everything, but that just lead to clutter in my life and way too many empty books to count.

Goodbye to the days of tripping over planners and journals and hello to organization all in one place.

Two- Journaling:

Like I said, I have too many journals to count, most half filled and incomplete. The bullet journal gives you the ability to have you planner and journal all in one.

You have the choice to add pages in the back with your collections to write something about everyday, or, the more popular way, to jot down “bullets” of what goes on in your day in your Daily Log.


One journal/planner guys. Seriously. It’s a miracle!

Three- Goal Tracking

As we have chatted about before, we all want to feel accomplished at the end of a day. Well, the bullet journal allows you to design how you want to track your goals.

You have your collections section where you can put any goal you want, or my personal favorite, adding it to your monthly log along the bottom, as my time limit for my goals is usually a month.

Four- Collections

I think this has to be my favorite part of the bullet journal. It allows you to keep track of anything you want! What restaurants you want to try, books you want to read, shows you want to watch on Netflix, or tracking to see how much money you’ve saved in a year.


Right now, I am tracking my progress towards a 5k. Something I have been wanting to do for ages but haven’t been organized enough to do so.


Bullet Journals are definitely worth it. If you have any hesitations, just close your eyes and imagine all of what you are trying to accomplish in scattered places all landing neatly in one book.

If that image doesn’t suck you in, I don’t know what will!


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