Moab’s Best Eats from Two Food Freaks!

First off, a shout out to past blogs I have written about the importance of living a positive life.

There are many ways to do this, here we focus on finding happiness by trying new things and expanding your vision through travelling.

Our weekend in Moab was filled with great hikes in the great outdoors and some definite reflection on how to simplify life to make it more enjoyable.

The other half of the trip consisted of good ol’ F-O-O-D.

The Blu Pig

We stayed in the Moab Valley Inn for pretty cheap since it was the off-season for Moab (it is typically packed to the brim in the summer months.) And luckily it shared parking lots with this delicious little BBQ dive.

With live music, sassy staff, and delicious BBQ, this topped the scale on our food in Moab. The dish that caught our attention and captured our taste buds here was definitely the Big N’ Nasty.

Fries piled high with your choice of Tri-Tip, Pulled Pork or Brisket along with bacon, baked beans, cheese, sour cream and onions. You can also add jalapeno (which we did of course).


It was heavenly.

We also tried the salads, fried okra, half rack, and smoked turkey. And finished off with some celestial smoked pecan pie and chocolate pie.

I would make a trip back to Moab just for The Blu Pig.

The Moab Diner

Stepping into the Moab Diner takes you right back to the 50s diner feel. The staff is friendly and warm which adds to the feel.


This local hot spot is known for its Green Chile Sauce. Which is well-marked by the Chile Pepper by each dish that includes it.

I got the Smothered Moab Melt which I loved. It was delicious! Texas toast with their amazing Green Chile Sauce, my mouth is still watering!


My husband got the Hot Rod’s Hickory Burger which I got a bite of as well. It was almost like a melt with barbecue sauce. Intoxicating!

If the food isn’t your speed, it is worth it just for the atmosphere of the diner. Very authentic.

La Fiesta Mexicana

Full disclosure: My husband lived in Mexico for 2 years and I have been there a couple of times, so the standards for Mexican food are high.

With that being said, this Mexican joint wasn’t too bad. Definitely not my favorite but it had some great deals and the establishment was beautiful.

We both got some enchiladas, both were big portions and left us full to the brim. It was great after a long hike because we were famished!


Sweet Cravings Bakery + Bistro

This was our last stop on the food trek in Moab. We could have eaten all day and not touched half of the restaurants there. But sadly a weekend doesn’t allow for all the food eating you want to do!

This cute little place was such a great experience. I have a sweet tooth so when I asked the lady in charge what they were known for in their bakery, she promptly said Tres Leches.

Like I mentioned before, my husband lived in Mexico and I lived in Chile and Tres Leches is hugely popular in Central and South America, so our standards were set high.

We also ordered a breakfast burrito with chorizo and the Kokopelli which was Panini with bacon, aioli, olives, onions, and turkey. Both were very rich and had a great medley of flavors.

Then we dug into the Tres Leches. My goodness. It was flawless. Most Tres Leches cakes are so drenched that they taste like old mush. Or the other extreme where you leave feeling like the Sahara Desert has just switched locations to your mouth.

Sweet Cravings had the perfect balance. It was moist and delightful!

The feel of this place was contagious with bright colors, local magnets being sold as well as fun and sassy quotes made this an all around experience not just a place to stop and eat. My husband found this one particularly true 😉


A definite thumbs up!


Food in Moab is great, hikes in Moab are great, Moab people are great. Why am I not living there? Good question….

Please comment below and let me know what you think or if you have been anywhere in Moab we haven’t mentioned! We are heading back soon and want to add to our list!



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