How to Enjoy Your Trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen- Mexico

As we have mentioned before, 43% of our happiness is based on the decisions we make. Travel is fantastic way to up your happiness as you experience different cultures and places that allow you to grow your appreciation and satisfaction in your life.

For those who have never walked white sandy beaches or swam with turtles, or seen ancient ruins, or been to a cenote, there is one place that you can do all of these things!

Playa del Carmen Mexico.

We had an amazing opportunity to go to Mexico and experience the most beautiful lush, green, and absolutely addicting scenery as well as do all those things I mentioned above.

Playa del Carmen is about a half an hour to 45 minutes south of Cancun. Cancun is a popular destination but has more of a dance club and city feel which wasn’t ideal for our fun couple vacation.

Instead we got all the same weather and beaches!

Here are the 4 things you HAVE to do when in Playa del Carmen as well as some tips on hotel and travel costs.

One: Visit the Ruins of Tulum and Playa Paraiso


Tulum overlooking the Atlantic

So basically some history and some beauty. I recommend not going in the middle of the day simply because of the heat, but entry fees are super cheap and after you make it through the AMAZING ruins, you get this beach:


Playa Paraiso

Some of the warmest water and softest sand I have ever walked on. (And I have been known to frequent the Big Island of Hawaii)

The waves are not too big, but big enough to do some boogie boarding or body surfing if that is your thing!

Two: Go Swim with Some Turtles

Now I have been the type to wait in line for a guided tour and honestly, it just isn’t my thing. I prefer to spend my time the way I want to spend it!

The beach at Akumal is the best place for this. We went and rented some snorkeling gear and life jackets, the man in charge pointed us to the water and we hopped in swam out a couple of hundred feet and there they were:

Best experience ever! They even got close enough for us to touch their shells. They were such sweet sea creatures!

Three: Go to a Cenote

My husband is a Mexico fanatic so he had been to a cenote before, I had not, so this cenote was something to remember!


Pathway to the Cenote Azul

For those cenote newbies like me, a cenote is a deep natural well, so the water is always clean because it replenishes itself! But that also means it is deep, and it is cold.

At the opening of the path there is a little booth were you can rent goggles and life jackets if you want. I highly recommend the goggles. Under the water is amazing!


Cenote Azul

But the best part is! The little fish that come up and give you pedicures. I mean a pedicure for this cheap? And it’s all natural? I never wanted to leave!


Fishy Pedicure

We went to the Cenote Azul, but there are tons of cenotes all around Playa del Carmen and Cancun that you can go to. Just ask anyone at your hotel or if you have a Spanish speaker with you, ask any locals. They are all super friendly and a lot actually speak some English.

Four: Eat Some Mariscos

We found the cutest little place to eat some mariscos after we went swimming with the sea turtles called La Cueva del Pescador. It was right by the coast so it was super fresh!

Mariscos are basically seafood! So we got some fish tacos to finish off a fun packed day in Playa del Carmen. Oh and of course some Mexican Coke, you can’t have tacos without it!


La Cueva del Pescador

It was such an amazing experience to go down to Mexico especially to the Paradisus La Perla resort where there was an amazing all inclusive deal with restaurants that were from all over the world and absolutely delicious.

We got our deal through Costco Travel which was 6 days and included airfare, hotel costs, travel from the airport  to the hotel and back at the end. We loved it!


Happy Couple Swimming with Turtles

Message me with any questions @livepositivelyseattle or at my email! We are looking to head down to Mexico again! Let me know if there are any good places you guys have tried so we can check them out too!

Thanks guys!